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Issued August 2013 replacing all previous issues

1. Each team shall consist of a maximum of six players, one being the Captain.

2. All members of both teams must be present no later than 20:25 on the evening of the match.

3. The Home Team shall provide a non-playing scorer/timekeeper. The Away Team may also provide a non-playing scorer.

4. Both teams and the non-playing scorer(s) must be present when the sealed envelope containing the questions is opened.

5. LEAGUE FIXTURES MAY NOT BE ALTERED. Teams unable to play on the given night will be liable to forfeit the match and should notify the opposing team in advance where possible.

6. No player may play for more than one team in a season.

7. The Quizmaster is the landlord of the Home team or someone nominated by the landlord.

8. Any team failing to attend three consecutive matches will be withdrawn from the League and no refunds will be made.

9. Each match will start with the toss of a coin. The Captain who wins the toss will choose to be team A or B. The teams will change over after Round 4.

10. Each match will consist of 8 rounds of 8 questions each - four questions per team per round.

11. There must be a nominated spokesperson within each team (normally the Captain) to answer all questions. Only they may answer and only their first answer will be accepted.

12. Each team is allowed 30 seconds to answer. In the case of a bonus being passed over to the other team, they will have a further 15 seconds to answer.

13. If the audience calls out an answer or the quiz sheet answer is unreadable/unintelligible, the Quizmaster should discard that question and use one of the spare questions provided in its place.

14. Where any words are in capitals on the answer sheet, all of these words must be included in the answer offered for it to be accepted by the quiz master

15. Where no words are given in capitals (e.g. where a description is involved) the correctness of the answer offered shall be decided upon by the quiz master, whose decision is final

16. It is considered advisable that the Quizmaster is in possession of a copy of these rules at every match.


(a) There will be a BEER MATCH/GALLON ROUND of 16 questions (8 per team) but its score is not included in the match results.

(b) The Captain of the losing team in the main match (or via the toss of a coin if the match is drawn) will decide which team is 'A' or 'B' in the Beer Match/Gallon Round. This order will apply to ALL of the Beer Match/Gallon Round questions.

18. There will be no appeals committee for after-match queries. The answer supplied on the question sheet shall be deemed correct for match purposes. If subsequent research confirms that the supplied answer was incorrect, this should be communicated to the League Management Committee. The League Management Committee will forward details to the Question Supplier.

19. A correct answer will score 2 points.

20. A question answered incorrectly will be offered to the opposing team who will score 1 bonus point for a correct answer.

21. League scoring will be:

2 points for a win

1 point for a draw

0 points for losing

22. If a team fails to keep a fixture, the opposing team will receive the 2 points for the win and a match score of the average of their three preceding matches.

23. In the event of a draw on League points at the end of the season, the total question points scored will determine the League winner.

24. It is the responsibility of the WINNING team Captain (Home team in the event of a draw) to notify the Results Secretary of the match results by email NO LATER THAN THE DAY AFTER THE MATCH.


26. Matches will be played on Mondays (excluding Bank Holidays) as defined in the League fixture list.

27. Proposals to change or add to the League rules will only be considered if they are received in writing by the League Secretary not less than 21 days prior to the AGM.

28. A handicap competition will be included in the overall season. Matches will be played in line with the regular format.

29. Based on the 10 team League membership, the handicap competition will be divided into two phases:-

Mini League Phase

Teams will be divided into two mini leagues of five teams each. One mini league will consist of those teams that have finished in the previous season's main league positions 1,3,5,7 and 9 and the second mini league of those teams that finished in positions 2,4,6,8 and 10. Within each mini-league, each team will play each other once and the top four teams in each (based on total question points (including handicaps) scored over the four matches), will go forward to the knockout phase. Total points difference will be used to determine final positions, in the event of a tie on points scored.

Knock-Out Phase

Fixtures for the 8 teams in the quarter final of the knock out will be determined by each team's finishing position in the mini-league phase. The fixtures will be seeded as follows:

Top of League 1 v Fourth placed in League 2
Top of League 2 v Fourth placed in League 1
Second in League 1 v Third placed in League 2
Second in League 2 v Third placed in League 1

30. Handicaps will be applied in both phases of the handicap competition and must be added into scores submitted to the results section of the League Website. Handicaps will be based on the final positions in the previous season's league proper as follows:-

Teams 1,2,3,4 - 0 points

Teams 5 and 6 - 4 points

Teams 7 and 8 - 8 points

Teams 9 and 10 - 10 points


a) In the event of a tie, the team which has scored the highest number of bonuses in the match will be declared the winners.

b) In the event of a tie on bonuses, the Gallon round will be started with the question order as first half of main match. At the end of the first half the team in the lead will be declared winners of the knockout match (with the Gallon round continuing to its conclusion as usual, based on ALL of the Gallon round questions)

c) Should (b) not identify a winner, the remainder of the gallon round will be played (question order reversed) and the winner will also be declared winner of the knockout match. If there is still a tie, bonus points scored in the gallon round will be counted to determine the winner of the knockout match.

d)Should there still be a tie, the quizmaster will toss a coin to decide the match.

32. Certificates will be awarded to the winners and runners up in the Handicap Competition.

33. An AGM of the league will be held in each calendar year, prior to June 30th.

34. One representative from each team in the league will be able to vote on resolutions put to ballot at the AGM.

35. The AGM will include the following items:-

Recording of names voting representatives of each team present

Adoption of minutes of the previous AGM (with any necessary amendments)

A verbal review of the league's finances, supported by a written statement

A review of the suitability of the current question supply and options for subsequent season

Review of the team subscription for coming season

The election or re-election of members of the league's management committee. This shall consist of a minimum of four people drawn from a minimum of three teams

The assignment of the roles of chairman, treasurer and secretary

Consideration of any applications to join the league

36. The role of the management committee shall be to manage the league affairs in accordance with the rules and the resolutions adopted at the AGM

37. The management committee shall ensure that copies of the up-to-date league rules are available by the start of each season.

Issued August 2013, cancelling all previous versions.

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